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“Every breath is a giveway dance between you and the plants.”  Susun Weed

      A hedge witch was traditionally a healer who lived at the edge of the village where the forest began. This natural boundary was also referred to as the hedge. Folks from the village would come to her, for herbal remedies and charms which would heal all kinds of ailments, physical and spiritual. These healers may have been a little ostracized due their peculiarities, oddities and eccentricities but were also greatly respected for their knowledge of the properties of the plants they so cherished. They generally did not belong to a coven as one may think when hearing the word “witch,” but found their own spiritual path through their bond with nature.

As an herbalist, parts of me are very much drawn to the love and study of plants that these women and sometimes men, maintained. These early practitioners were botanists, chemists and pharmacists as well as spiritual guides. Parts of me are also drawn to the spiritual journey that these women embraced. They did not necessarily follow the traditional beliefs of the time but seemed to let beliefs settle over them as they spent much of their time on the boundary of village life and the forest beyond.

This blog is mostly about my pursuit to understand herbs and how they heal the body, soul and mind.


This information about hedge witches was gathered from the following resources:


Murphy-Hisock, A. (2009). The Way of the Hedge Witch. Avon, MA: Provence Press.

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