Sometimes a new endeavor begins when a mom, who absolutely loved being a mom and enjoyed her children immensely, has to cope with a huge empty nest. Necessity prompts her that it is time to follow a different path. So, I went back to school – an excellent coping strategy, albeit an expensive one. When I completed my first Master’s degree in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Hedgewitch Enterprises (HER) was born in a little office in Abbottstown, PA, during the fall of 2017. However, I very much love the process of learning and though I did learn a great deal with first degree, I wanted to learn much more about plant medicine. So, I continued for another year and completed a second Masters in Therapeutic Herbalism. I found that my heart truly lies with the plants that can heal us and with the people who need them. So, HER expanded a little and opened a small booth, Herbs & Sympathy, at The Markets of Hanover in August 2018 with the intention of helping more people and upholding her mission statement. By February 2019, she had to expanded again into a larger booth at the market and moved the private office to a home office to conserve time and resources. We love the name of our little booth so much that we decided to change our business name to Herbs & Sympathy.
I feel very blessed and grateful to be on this path and am very happy that my youngest and his lady love have decided to join me. Please come and spend some time with us. We would love to share how plants – leaf, petal, root – can move us from here to healthy.
Our Mission is to strive through honest, heartfelt, educated intention and earth conscious endeavors to create and to bring to clients and customers, services and products that support body, soul and mind.
In peace,

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